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Wollongong extinguisher service and our surrounding network of company branches is a thriving locally owned business renowned for superior product supply and efficient turnaround. 
Inspection and Service 
For All Makes of Fire Extinguishers
NEC 2005 Analysis of Changes
You need to know what's new in the NECŪ, and Analysis of Changes provides the answers! 
We supply fire extinguishers designed using the latest technology for all applications. As part of an overall system, you may also require fire hose reels, smoke detectors, fire blankets, signage, essential service inspections, exit lighting,training etc.
Designer's Guide to Automatic Sprinkler Systems
Introducing the one-stop technical source for sprinkler design 
When it comes to choosing a company to look after your fire prevention, it's important you look to someone who not only provides the products and services, but can offer the back up and support service. 
National Fuel Gas Code Handbook, 2005 edition



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