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FM-200® is a colourless, liquefied compressed gas. It is stored as a liquid and dispensed into the hazard as a colourless, eclectically non-conductive vapour that is clear and does not obscure vision. It leaves no residue and has acceptable toxicity for use in occupied spaces at design concentration. FM-200® does not displace oxygen and therefore is safer for use in occupied spaces without fear of oxygen deprivation.

 Replacing halon with fm-200
If you’re building a new vessel or retrofitting a halon system on an existing one, the best fire protection decision you can make is to select a Gielle FM-200 Fire Suppression System.

The Gielle Marine System is the most optioned system as a Halon replacement system. Often, the system can be dropped into existing pipework reducing retrofit time and costs.

Halon 1301 Drop-In: The combination of the aforementioned features allows the system to be used as a virtual “drop-in” replacement for existing halon installations. Most changes are limited to agent storage cylinder and nozzle replacement.

Here’s why:

Life Safety. The FM-200 clean agent works by interrupting the fire on a molecular level, not by taking oxygen from the protected space. So it is the preferred fire suppression agent for protection of shipboard spaces where crew or other occupants may be present.

Marine Approvals. Gielle FM-200 Systems are approved for use in marine applications such as machinery spaces and flammable liquid storage areas by major regulatory agencies. 

Weight. Gielle FM-200 Systems weigh less than either carbon dioxide or water mist systems. So they provide more fuel-efficient solutions to shipboard fire protection.

Space. Gielle FM-200 Systems take up less space than other types of fire suppression systems. This means more room for revenue-generating cargo or passengers. 

FM-200, FE-241, Halon 1301 and Aero-K Aerosol fire suppression systems for marine vessels, industrial and computer room applications.

Benefits and Features
Fast & effective
No significant reduction in oxygen levels
Clean gaseous agent leaving no residue
Zero ozone depleting potential
Low global warming potential
Short atmospheric life span
Electronically non-conductive
Safe for use in fully occupied areas
Minimal storage requirement
Versatile range of containers, nozzle and ancillaries
Extensively tested, recognised and approved worldwide
Effective on site installation

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At Gielle Srl we make use of the Fike Intella-Scan Fire Detection Control Panel to control the release of agent. The Intella-Scan II control system uses both intelligent addressable analog sensors and centralized decision making to virtually eliminate false alarms and unwanted agent releases. The sensors report environmental conditions on a real-time basis to the control unit where the microcontroller makes the ultimate alarm decision. And the control panel is modular to allow you to add on to the system as your requirements change over time.

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Extinguishing - FM200 Gaseous Fire Fighting System 
... Montereal Protocol presented the fire protection industry with a most demanding ... FM200® Gaseous Fire Fighting Systems Datasheet - Unbranded English

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